The Skin Beneath

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Strikes a wonderful balance between distraction and intelligence.
— Gay City News

The Skin Beneath is a noir coming of age story featuring a young, tattooed butch who delves into a marginal world of conspiracy freaks, bikers, and mysterious femmes. Protagonist Sam O’Connor is a “yuffie,” a young urban failure who is covered in tattoos and preoccupied by picking up girls she quickly discards. But there’s one woman she can’t forget—her dead sister, Chloe. When Sam receives a postcard telling her that Chloe’s death was no accident, Sam decides to find out what happened. Traveling from Toronto to Montreal, Detroit, and New York to retrace Chloe’s last days, Sam encounters the beguiling and enigmatic players in her sister’s life: a gangster, a beautiful exotic dancer, paranoid anarchists, and fringe members of extreme right political groups. But in this tale of swapped, hidden, and altered identity, everyone has another layer and secrets they may be hiding from themselves—including Sam.