Ali Liebegott

Ali Liebegott first book, The Beautifully Worthless is a road trip tale stitched together from poetry, lists, and letters to an ex-lover. This not easily classifiable work is messy and confessional, but I found myself sucking on some of the lines, as though they were caramels.

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Ramilesfic, Ali Liebegott
Emma Donoghue

Accomplished is the word that comes to mind when thinking of Emma Donoghue. Her work gallops across genre, history, and continents. She writes about men, women, children, fairies. Her fiction is set in England, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. With unselfconscious ease, she captures the vivid physical details of an era as well as its social and cultural framework.

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Zoe Whittall

Zoe Whittall is a dual-genre writer, publishing in both fiction and poetry. Her novels, as well as her poetry collections, have made her a household name to Canadian queers.  Raised on a sheep farm, she currently lives in Toronto. 

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Ramilesfic, Zoe Whittall
Larissa Lai

Larissa Lai would be a challenge to any marketing firm. She’s Chinese-Canadian, but grew up in Newfoundland and now lives in Vancouver where she teaches at the University of British Columbia. Her novels are too abstract to sit comfortably on a genre shelf, but her characters are often not entirely human. She’s, well, quirky. Oh, and also queer.

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Lydia Kwa

Lydia Kwa balances various identities: she’s a writer and a psychologist who was born in Singapore and now lives in Vancouver. She’s published poetry and fiction for which she has received accolades in the queer community and Canadian mainstream.

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Abha Dawasar

Abha Dawesar Tells It From All Points of View — In both her native India and adopted New York, author Abha Dawesar’s subversive prose has grabbed media attention. Time Out called her one of New York’s Hot 25 while India Today named her one of India’s 25 Young Achievers.

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RamiAbha Dawasar, lesfic