Femme Confidential

Rarely do I encounter a book that so accurately portrays the internal dilemmas of love and friendship in lesbian life. It makes me wish I could time-travel back to the queer bars of the early nineties. Each character in this moving novel became part of my emotional life.
— Susie Bright

Femme Confidential is a wry look at sexual freedom and finding yourself, your queer tribe, and the not-so-perfect girlfriend. Beautiful and charismatic Veronika, whose primary dating criteria is hotness, embraces the role of mean girl—until she has a baby. Liberty, the daughter of leftist Quaker hippies, is quick to judge but discovers some butches make it hard for a femme to do the right thing. Dana, a trans woman, struggles to find her place in the lesbian community where masculinity, something she wants to irradiate from her being, is embraced by the femmes she desires. 


Book Club Guide – Starting Points for Discussion

If your book club is reading Femme Confidential and you are interested in an author visit, contact me. I'm available to meet with book clubs in Southern Ontario and possibly other parts of North America. I'm also available via Skype.